Leather Pouches and Accouterments


Shot pouches and Powder Measures

Vent Picks and Pan Brushes

Bullet Boards and Game Carriers ..$30.00 and up



Shot pouches $30.00 ea.


Forged bullet ladles with 2 dia.

bowls. The two ladles on the right

are to be used with a corncob, green

hickory limb or whatever you have on

hand for a handle. Just keep water out

of your lead. Will make to suit your style.

.$30.00 each



Bark tanned hunting pouches (6 x 8 1/2)

small inside pocket, antiqued finish, pewter button,

and cotton strap with iron buckle.





Forged Tennesee guard & buttplate for

a William Bean or Douglas Tennessee rifle





Forged Buckles $10.00